retired military research scientist is not hardly a random person

Martin Pool mbp at
Mon Mar 31 05:49:03 BST 2008

(This is going off-topic for Bazaar)

On Sun, Mar 30, 2008 at 3:25 PM, Kenneth Koym <koym at> wrote:
>  Hi Matthew Paul:
>       Not sure what your comment means. Whereas I use linux as I have done
> for years, and I began enjoying the fruits of a good operating system in the
> early 60s, I just thought I'd join you people. Maybe I need you but your
> comment sounds like you have a close mind and really don't care whether a
> new person among you merits taking a simple no comment profile. After all
> what is wrong with doing that? When I had tough minded bosses, probably a
> decade or so before you I formed view points. So far, I have not seen
> results I can use amongst you so I will remain non-committal and mostly to
> myself.

Hi Kenneth,

By "random people" I just meant "people we'd not previously heard
from", no more.  You're welcome to join the Launchpad users list or
the community of Launchpad or Ubuntu users.  I was talking about one
technical team for programmers on a particular project.

> However, as one who reads sentences, I ask you what do you intend to
> gain by saying "I don't know why, and I have not yet had one reply to my mail." From this, it
> sounds like you have a special agenda. But from what I see, it may not be
> what I need.

I wrote that, not Matthew.  The sentence just straightforwardly means
what it says: I do not understand why people are pressing that button,
and I would like to understand why.  Again, no judgement about
yourself or anyone else, just expressing my curiosity in the hope
someone would inform me.

I think the query actually does not refer to yourself; you just
received it as one of the subscribers to the launchpad-users or bazaar

Martin <>

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