bzr 1.3 in ppa; plugins still need updates

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Sun Mar 30 14:44:57 BST 2008

On So, 2008-03-30 at 13:44 +0100, Paul Moore wrote:
> On 30/03/2008, Russel Winder <russel.winder at> wrote:
> > At the risk of losing listeners by repeating myself, I say more than
> >  irritating, I say undermining.  I suggest that good management, and good
> >  marketing require bzr, bzr-svn, and bzrtools always to be released so
> >  that a consistent apt-get/aptitude/synatic install is possible from
> > for all the supported Ubuntu
> >  releases.
> If these 3 are so closely linked that they *must* be upgraded
> simultaneously, they should probably be a single package. This isn't
> specific to any one distribution - I use Windows, and I have the same
> issue to deal with.
The link is not as strict as that. As far as I know bzrtools should work
fine with older and newer versions of bzr. bzr-svn usually works fine
with one or two versions of bzr. 

The Debian dependencies on bzrtools and bzr-svn are very strict (tied
to a particular bzr release) since bzrtools and bzr are always released
in the same week anyway and to avoid potential issues with bzr breaking
the API for bzr-svn.


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