Some unscientific timing results (on the Python source tree)

Toshio Kuratomi a.badger at
Sat Mar 29 22:55:17 GMT 2008

Talden wrote:
> I still don't believe that the majority of uses to which Bazaar is put
> would likely produce enough simultaneous activity to swamp servers yet
> slow streaming affects nearly everyone.  Making compressed streaming
> the default and providing a tuning switch for others seems a better
> choice if we're trying to work the best we can out of the box for most
> users.
There are other choices than streaming on or streaming off, though.  For 
instance, you could compress deltas ahead of time.  I'm not a Core dev 
so I don't have to make choices about the tradeoffs involved here :-) 
but I want to let people know that there are sourceforge-like setups 
where having to choose between on the fly bz2 compression or no 
compression would both be bad options.

Before switched to svn they had a request for devs to use cvs 
-z3 instead of -z9 since that was judged to be the sweet spot in 
compression vs CPU usage.


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