What constitutes the "identity" of a changeset?

Stephen J. Turnbull turnbull at sk.tsukuba.ac.jp
Sat Mar 29 21:27:54 GMT 2008

James Westby writes:

 > However, you are neglecting the caveat I put in to try and make the
 > discussion simpler, "assuming  certain rules along the way",

Of course I neglected it, since I had no idea what rules you were
talking about.

This is a serious problem for people new to bzr.  Talking to bzr
developers (with the exception so far of Robert Collins) is like the
old Blondie cartoon where Dagwood is sleeping, she calls to him,
waking him up and say "Honey, will you get it from there and put it in
that place for me?"  You can imagine his face in the final panel!

 > You seem to implicitly acknowledge that git's revision ids will be
 > different, and I'm sure you know why. As you did the commits
 > in sequence they will have different timestamps, and as the meta
 > data is input to the naming hash then you will get different names.
 > You must also use the same commiter emails etc. for each import.

You're right, I do.  And it's *not* "etc."  A commit consists of a tree,
a list of parents, an author name, an author email, an author
timestamp, a committer name, a committer email, and a commit date.

However, AFAICT there is no provision to set commit date in git.

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