FUSE Filesystem for Bzr

James Westby jw+debian at jameswestby.net
Sat Mar 29 17:02:05 GMT 2008

On Sat, 2008-03-29 at 16:45 +0100, markus korn wrote:
> On Sat, Mar 29, 2008 at 2:47 PM, James Westby <jw+debian at jameswestby.net> wrote:
> >  Unfortuntely the code could do with a README, I can't seem to figure
> >  out how to mount anything.
> >
> >  Thanks,
> >
> >  James
> >
> Hi James,
> with revision 28 I added a README file with basic instructions.
> To mount a branch, run
> $ ./mount.bzrfs <path-to-branch> <mount-point> -o log=/tmp/bzrfs
> To unmount it's
> $ fusermount -u <mount-point>
> I hope this helps,

Yes, it does thanks.

I was impressed with the speed. The tree caching means that after a
short pause to load up the revision tree you get fast access to the
sub-directories etc. from then on. (I was testing bzr.dev)

FUSE isn't cross-platform, but I wonder if there is anything we
can build on top of this. It would be useful anyhow for using tools
that don't understand bzr with it.

One thing that springs to mind instantly is nautilus integration,
or other linux-based file managers. I'm sure there would be someway
to hook in and expose this automatically.



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