[MERGE] Reduce evangelism in the User Guide

Paul Moore p.f.moore at gmail.com
Thu Mar 27 20:12:22 GMT 2008

On 27/03/2008, Aaron Bentley <aaron at aaronbentley.com> wrote:
> The workflows document was originally an evangelism document.  It shows
>  how Bazaar can adapt to a myriad of different workflows, and highights
>  how that makes Bazaar better than its competitors.  Some of its
>  competitors can't even conceive of the level of support we bring,
>  causing the arguments we see on the BazaarVsHg page.
>  It's not meant to be a guide to implementing those workflows-- it just
>  doesn't have the level of detail required.  Such detail would have
>  bogged down its evangelism.
>  So I'm starting to question whether it even belongs in the user guide.

That's a good point. I'd agree that the level of detail is
insufficient to make it clear how to implement the given workflows,
and your explanation that it was originally an evangelism document
certainly explains the style.

I like the fact that various workflows are mentioned in the guide, but
maybe you're right. As a compromise, would a section which simply

1. A list of some ways of working with Bazaar - no long explanations,
just a 1-line (or so) description.
2. A list of some of the tools Bazaar provides which can help in
implementing these workflows.

For example, in (1) you could have

* Solo development - a single user using Bazaar for personal projects
* Pair programming - two developers sharing changes to a common project
* Centralised repository - like Subversion
* Fully distributed - with everyone having their own repository
* Hierarchical organisation - one central repository, with a small
number of "staging" repositories feeding into it
* Feature-based - a central repository plus gatekeeper repositories
handling changes related to specific features

(this isn't trimmed - I really mean the descriptions to be this short!)

And in (2),

* Serverless use, for local use
* bzr serve, to share work simply
* checkouts, lightweight and heavyweight, to automatically send
changes back to a central repository

This gives interested users enough to start from, without bogging
things down in too much detail.


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