FUSE Filesystem for Bzr

markus korn thekorn at gmx.de
Sun Mar 23 01:00:53 GMT 2008

Hi everybody,
the other day I started to play around with the bzr API. This resulted
in an idea of writing a FUSE based virtual filesystem for bzr. I think
a virtual filesystem for a vcs can be a big step towards desktop
integration and as I did not find any vfs for bzr i thought it was a
good idea to start one. the current code is hosted on launchpad.net
[0]. I will add informations to the structure of bzr-fs to this pages

If anybody is interested in this project, has any ideas on improving
the structure and or the code or just wants to discuss such a
filesystem feel free to contact me.


[0] https://edge.launchpad.net/bzr-fs/

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