Some unscientific timing results (on the Python source tree)

Paul Moore p.f.moore at
Tue Mar 25 11:41:13 GMT 2008

On 25/03/2008, Ian Clatworthy <ian.clatworthy at> wrote:
> Improving performance is still very much at the top of our list of
> things to do. We know we still have some distance to go, particularly
> for network operations and some 'full history' operations like log.
> During 2008, my expectation is that performance will continue improving
> month to month just as it did during 2007. As Robert explained in a
> recent email, *some* operations were greatly improved by packs while
> others still have a lot of scope for improvement. Over and above tuning
> internal algorithms, we're also working on generally useful features
> that will help performance on large projects, e.g. stacked branches,
> filtered views.

Yes, I think the message from Robert that packs *enable* further
tuning improvements, rather than simply being faster in themselves, is
a better way for me to view it (apologies to Robert if I garbled what
he said).

I'll certainly keep an eye on things over the next few months - I'm
not in that much of a hurry to make a final decision.


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