sudo and bzr: workflow for managing config files

Brian Shacklett bshacklett at
Tue Mar 25 05:56:41 GMT 2008

I've just started using Bazaar to manage config files on my linux box. 
One thing that bothers me, though, is that all of my commits show up as 
root at domain.tld. Now, this isn't a huge issue at this point because I'm 
the only admin on the server. If I ever go to use this in full 
production, though, it would have to be solved.

Now, I know why it's happening. As with most systems, all of my config 
files in /etc are owned by root:root. This means that a sudo is needed 
to make changes. Unfortunately, that also makes bzr think that root is 
the one that's doing the commit. The only solution I can think of is to 
change ownership of all config files to an admin group, but I have 
/serious/ hesitations doing something like that. Who knows what 
developers have made assumptions (rightfully so) about the ownership of 
all of those files.

Anyway, is there anyone else out there that's using bzr for versioning 
config files? How did you get around this?


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