Some unscientific timing results (on the Python source tree)

Paul Moore p.f.moore at
Mon Mar 24 14:26:51 GMT 2008

On 24/03/2008, Ville M. Vainio <vivainio at> wrote:
> This makes me think - would it make sense to make some unorthodox
>  optimizations? I'm speaking of creating a temporary cache for data
>  that is currently slow to compute? I.e. something that *is* derived
>  information and would never need to be transferred around, but would
>  help local performance. Perhaps a "bzr optimize" command...

Not unless it happened automatically. Having to remember to regularly
do bzr optimize, bzr pack, and any other speed-tuning tweaks that may
exist, aren't going to help someone like me who just tends to do bzr
branch... "hmm, that's going slow, oh yes, I should have done the
branch in the repository and, and..." :-)

The key is to make the default fast. Saying, "oh, you did it wrong -
do this" isn't going to help. People will have decided "Bazaar is
slow" by then.


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