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Teemu Likonen teemu.likonen at
Mon Mar 24 12:08:12 GMT 2008

Xavier Maillard wrote:

> 3. why git log -l <some number> is so long to display anything ?
> More generally, why all commands I have launched take so long ?
> strace -tT bzr cmd could help here.

I don't know the 'why' part of this but I have experienced that bzr
slows down drastically if you don't optimize/pack the repository very
often with 'bzr pack' command (I've been told that bzr runs this command
automatically from time to time).

I bzr-packed my Emacs repo some five days ago and have since updated it
with 'bzr pull' many times (just pulling, nothing else). Some timings:

19 packs in .bzr/repository/packs/ directory:

bzr version-info	(1m25.521s)
bzr diff -c -3		(2m54.541s)
bzr log -l3		(2m19.390s)

After running 'bzr pack' (which took about four minutes) there are only
1 pack file in .bzr/repository/packs/ and bzr performs much faster:

bzr version-info	(0m12.659s)
bzr diff -c -3		(0m26.248s)
bzr log -l3		(0m29.369s)

(I've also been testing Emacs git repository and it seems that slowdown
in git is barely measurable. Basic log and diff operations take
something like 0.05 seconds more after five days of pulling, testing,
branching etc.)

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