Emacs Bazaar repository

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Fri Mar 14 22:23:49 GMT 2008

Thomas Lord writes:
 > Andreas Schwab wrote:
 > > An older version would not be able to use the repo at all.
 > >   
 > Perhaps that kind of consideration should be given some weight.
 > If "repo format" is not obviously pretty stable, how suitable
 > is it for an archival format?

As long as new version can read old repos reliably, new repos can
represent a superset of the old metadata, and there's a conversion
utility, this is not a problem.  Generic database managers deal with
these problems all the time, it's "solved" in some sense.

Question in my mind is, given bzr's propensity to change
representations, does the bzr development team have somebody who's
worked on that kind of function, and demands that functionality be

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