bzr 1.3rc1 today/tomorrow, final next week

Martin Pool mbp at
Fri Mar 14 05:42:35 GMT 2008

Just a (belated) reminder that I will make bzr1.3rc1 either tonight or
tomorrow, and plan on 1.3 final next week.  It is scheduled for
Friday, but since I will be away that day I would like to do it on
Thursday instead.

There are two bugs currently marked critical:

181945  	 bzr pull lp:upstart fails

The problem has been localized by James, and Aaron has posted a patch
which makes it easier to fix but does not fix it.  I think this one
would not be too hard.

(critical) 	197429 	bzr gui tools are too slow with old/large
repositories 	branch 	Critical 	Incomplete

The main remaining thing is to improve the speed of annotate on packs,
which is very important and John's focus now.  We should land the
patches he has done on this, but not stall 1.3 waiting for more.

jml has asked for us to fix
interrupting bzr does not kill ssh child process
interrupting a client waiting for a lock over bzr+ssh leaves process on server

If someone could look at them that would be very good.

If there is anything else that you think _must_ be (not "would like")
done for 1.3, or any patches currently up that we should prioritize
reviewing, please reply here (and if possible make sure they have bug


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