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Robert Collins robertc at robertcollins.net
Fri Mar 14 02:29:02 GMT 2008

On Thu, 2008-03-13 at 12:57 +1300, Michael Hudson wrote:
> > Heres an interesting use case as a what-if: I have a file foo.c on
> local
> > disk. I want it annotated - can we do that with loggerhead.
> Well, modulo the fact that loggerhead is a pain to set up (a different
> issue, IMHO), yes.

I actually meant a form on loggerhead, so that I can supply my local
foo.c to the remote loggerhead. e.g. if I have a copy of 'bzr' locally,
what is different to the trunk bzr? And for extra points was there ever
an identical version?

> > Another one: I'm looking for a missing line, how can I find it? (I
> guess
> > its select two lines in an annotated view and expand them somehow).
> This goes back to what I was saying about duplicating raw 'bzr
> annotate' not being a very ambitious goal, I guess :)
> I can think of some interesting things to do here, but lets get the
> basic stuff right first.

Well, raw annotate is not interactive. So yes, it goes back to that in
the sense that an interactive UI should be much more capable.

> > Another: I'm looking at branch X, great related data would be to see
> how
> > much of X is new versus X's submission location - and note that
> ideally
> > I don't have to have both branches managed by the same
> loggerhead :).
> So we should add 'bzr missing' to the above list?

No, I was talking about bringing in related useful data automatically.

> Loggerhead certainly considers each branch to be an island currently.
> > In response to the specific question you asked, I think that within
> a
> > branch the same revision ordering used by bzr should be used by
> > loggerhead, and used consistently. All the file versions will be in
> > history, so this is reasonable to do.
> You mean entire revision graph should be merge sorted?  I think that
> could work, especially with ways to jump across to the next mainline
> revision and so on... hm.



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