Workflow - Tracking upstream repository with local patches

Paul Moore p.f.moore at
Thu Mar 13 19:58:02 GMT 2008

On 13/03/2008, Andrew Bennetts <andrew at> wrote:
>  FWIW, I have an import of Python SVN trunk that I've made with bzr-svn at
>  I've also got an import of the
>  py3k branch at

Thanks, I may grab a copy. However, I'm more interested in getting a
smooth means of integrating with svn, than specifically with getting a
copy of the Python trunk. I presume your version worked more because
bzr-svn (or likely the svn python bindings) is less flaky on Linux
than on Windows, than because of anything specific you did?

Of course, there's something to be said for just keeping it simple:

svn co
bzr init
bzr add
bzr commit -m "Initial checkout"
svn up
bzr commit -m "Update to revision XXXX"

... and forget about tracking all the history. It's not entirely clear
if I'll ever really be that bothered about going through the history
in detail while offline. Sometimes it's easy to lose sight of the
woods for the trees :-)


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