[MERGE] Don't ask a password if there is no real terminal. (#69851)

Alexander Belchenko bialix at ukr.net
Tue Mar 11 22:23:37 GMT 2008

This patch try to partially address of problem of using native bzr.exe on Cygwin.
Often it's used with non-standard terminals, and when operation with sftp or bzr+ssh
transport is invoked it seems like bzr.exe hang. Actually it's not hang, but try
to ask a password. And because in this case there is no real windows stdin, bzr
will wait infinitely without any sign.

I'm also able to reproduce this behavior when I run bzr from inside FTE editor
as subprocess. In this case I'm also able to get the same pseudo-hang.

Explicit check for sys.stdin.isatty() prevents of routing bzr to dead-end.

Nicholas, can you check my patch with rxvt or gnome-terminal (as it was described in your
bug report)?
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