bzr-svn: bzr: ERROR: Permission denied: ".": Can't get password

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at
Tue Mar 11 12:27:41 GMT 2008

Am Dienstag, den 11.03.2008, 13:02 +0100 schrieb Nicholas Allen:
> | There is also no way for bzr-svn to actually specify a password - it can
> | only specify a list of "password providers". It is only possible (in
> | 1.4) to specify existing password providers - not to write providers by
> | yourself. On Windows, a Windows-specific password prompter/cache is used
> | by Subversion which does not have python bindings in 1.4 and as such can
> | not be used by bzr-svn.
> |
> | On Linux, all the password providers have sane Python bindings and this
> | allows for the workaround that is described in the FAQ.
> ~From the FAQ I assumed this would work on Windows and Linux. Should I 
> update the FAQ to indicate that the workaround only works on Linux?
> |
> |> Could it be because bzr-svn bindings are looking for the cache
> |> in a different location due to them being modified somehow? It seems the
> |> simplest solution would not be to add password prompting but to work out
> |> why bzr-svn is not using the cached password. Hopefully it is not a bug
> |> in svn itself but in bzr-svn (as then it has a chance of getting fixed).
> | This is definitely a bug in Subversion (or rather, incomplete Python
> | bindings).
> |
> | Is there any reason you'd like to stick with 1.4 rather than 1.5?
> 1.5 is not released or stable yet is it? Also, like Alexander said, 
> there is no simple installer. If my work colleagues are to use this, it 
> really needs to be a simple process without building trunk version of 
> svn and applying various patches etc. It's somewhat of a shame I think 
> that bzr-svn is so cool and has so many great features but cannot be 
> used easily by anyone at the moment....
1.5 is slated to be released soon. With 1.5, no patches at all are

bzr-svn should be quite easy installable for most people. It works out
of the box for Linux users who are using reasonably recent versions of
Debian, Ubuntu, SuSe, Arch Linux or Gentoo.

For Windows, things should work pretty much out of the box (except for
this password authentication issue) with Kevin's installer.

There is no easy way to install bzr-svn on Mac OS X at the moment;
you'll have to apply the patches and compile svn yourself.


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