New developer introduction

Alexander Belchenko bialix at
Mon Mar 10 19:08:14 GMT 2008

John Arbash Meinel пишет:
> Mark Hammond wrote:
> |
> | I've had some discussions with Steve Alexander and Martin Pool about the
> | things I could assist with, and they all boil down to better 
> "integration"
> | with Windows - and primarily integration with Windows Explorer.  While 
> this
> | presumably will mean helping out with the tortoise port, we also want 
> to be
> | sure we take advantage of features unique to bzr but which may not fit 
> with
> | the tortoise model.  Other fair game would probably include installers 
> and
> | anything that generally doesn't work as well as it could on Windows.
> I think for "installers" that we would like to have some sort of chained 
> installer. At the moment Alexander has to generate 2 installers. One which
> installs into an existing Python installation, and a separate one to get
> everything into a standalone setup.
> The problem is that the standalone is much easier to install, because it 
> bundles
> everything it needs. However, you don't end up with a genuine python
> installation. Which means that some plugins might want to use some of the
> standard library which isn't available (as the core bzrlib doesn't use it.)
> It also causes problems for plugins like bzr-gtk, because they don't have
> anywhere to install the pygtk bindings.
> So what would be nice, would be a single top-level installer, which 
> would call
> out to install the python-*.msi and any other installers. Having the
> infrastructure, it would then be possible to do the same for bzr-gtk (it 
> can
> then call out to the pygtk and gtk installers.)

And I always can continue to build for myself standalone installer.
Because py2exe'd version is noticeable faster for me at startup :-P

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