bzr-svn branch taking a very long time

André Pang ozone at
Mon Mar 10 00:47:58 GMT 2008

Hullo all, I'm new to the list, please be gentle :).

I'm trying out bzr-svn for the first time, and am using it to try to  
mirror our company repository.  I left it running for almost 12 hours,  
but the initial branch never finished, and bzr-svn chewed up about  
1.17GB of RAM before I aborted it.  (It got around 90% of the way  
toward the end and I'm confident that it would have finished, but it's  
pretty difficult for me to leave my laptop connected to a network for  
12 hours!)  Is bzr-svn taking 12 hours for a full initial branch of a  
complete repository normal?

On the server, the Subversion repository size is about 240MB and  
contains 2514 revisions, which I'm guessing is quite small compared to  
some other Subversion repositories.  There's no public access to it,  
but if you're a Bazaar developer, drop me an email off-list and I'll  
arrange temporary access for you if you'd be kind enough to help me out.

This is for bzr-svn running on Mac OS X.  I followed the Mac  
installation instructions here to install bzr-svn:

and didn't have a problem with it at all (thanks to the authors of  
those installation instructions: they were the main reason I tried bzr- 
svn in the first place).

On the bright side, bzr-svn is doing better than git-svn, which blew  
up halfway with an error.  Any help appreciated; thanks!

% Andre Pang :  <>

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