putting calendar and address book into version control

Wichmann, Mats D mats.d.wichmann at intel.com
Fri Mar 7 16:46:18 GMT 2008

> Pluggable diff algorithm is also needed. And may be pluggable status?

Turns out I have an interest in this as well.  I've got a tool which generates files using a perl script with a mysql dbi interface.  The tool "stamps" the generated files so one can see when they were generated.  However, if the *only* change was a different timestamp, I want to throw away the generated file by reverting.  A "make gensrc" may update 300+ files, and only produce real changes to a few, based on what change to the database caused me to want to regenerate.  Someday I'll get off my lazy^W overworked rear end and teach the generator scripts themselves how to deal with this situation which is where the logic probably belongs, but for the time being a pluggable diff to detect this would be helpful.  Right now it's a manual process and quite ugly, and I avoid doing the global (slower but more accurate) "make gensrc" in favor of regenerating only in the directories where I believe changes will appear so I don't have to troll through so much data to make sure.

I'm sure I'm doing this the dumb, brute-force way and can get better....

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