Workflow - Tracking upstream repository with local patches

Alexander Belchenko bialix at
Thu Mar 6 20:22:41 GMT 2008

Paul Moore пишет:
> I'm trying to work out what the optimal workflow would be with Bazaar
> for the following situation:
> I'm tracking an upstream project (which is using svn, not bzr, but
> that's not a big deal, I can use bzr-svn) where I only have read
> access. I have some local patches of my own, which I am working on,
> and which I would ultimately like to provide as a individual patches
> to the project.
> I think I need the following - a "clean" branch from upstream, into
> which I periodically pull changes, and a local branch for each of my
> patches, which I maintain and periodically merge from my upstream
> mirror. To submit a patch, I'd bzr diff between my branch and the
> upstream mirror, and submit that.
> One issue with this is that my feature branches' history will be
> cluttered with regular "merge from upstream" checkins. I can see the
> value of this, but it will clutter the history of my feature
> development. Is there any way of avoiding this? Would the loom
> extension help here?
> Does anyone have any suggestions as to how this workflow might be improved?

Probably by using rebase plugin after each merge from upstream.

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