A question about shared repositories

Alexander Belchenko bialix at ukr.net
Thu Mar 6 20:18:49 GMT 2008

Chris Tavares пишет:
> I'm a fairly new user of Bazaar (on Windows, please don't shoot me),

Of course not. It's not crime to use Windows. At least not yet, I think.
Or may be in some countries it's already is?

> and I
> had a question on the behavior of shared repositories.
> What happens when you delete a branch from a shared repository? Once I'm
> done with my work on a particular topic and merged back into main, I don't
> see a reason to hold onto that specific branch anymore. If I just delete the
> directory, is that all I need to do? Will there be anything left over in the
> shared repository?

Once you merged branch all it's history available in the branch where you merge in.
Run `bzr log --long` and you'll see all your history is present in integration

Even if you don't merge your branch and delete it, the history still in repository.
You can find such "dead" branches with "heads" plugin.

> Or am I thinking about branches wrong?

Probably. Branch is the named line of development.

Merge is operation to join of 2 or more lines of development together.
No history loss. It's called merge tracking.

If you're coming from svn world you can notice that svn lacks this (at least
until v.1.5).

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