Crash in bzr-svn

Paul Moore p.f.moore at
Tue Feb 26 22:30:09 GMT 2008

On 26/02/2008, Paul Moore <p.f.moore at> wrote:
> I was trying to create a local copy of the Python trunk usin bzr-svn,
>  and I got the following crash:
>  Is there anything further I can do to help diagnose? (The actual
>  branch took 2 hours before it crashed, so I'd rather not do too many
>  reruns, but anything else?) Alternatively, how can I recover?

Any suggestions? I'm doing a rerun now, but as I expect it to take
over 2 hours, I'm going to have to leave it overnight. I'm a bit stuck
if this doesn't work reliably - trying again on a 2 hour operation
isn't really a good answer.

Of course, if bzr had history horizons
( implemented, I could just grab
the last month's history or so, and there would be no problem. Any
idea when/if that feature is likely to become available?


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