Crash in bzr-svn

Alexander Belchenko bialix at
Tue Feb 26 08:41:54 GMT 2008

Paul Moore пишет:
> I was trying to create a local copy of the Python trunk usin bzr-svn,
> and I got the following crash:
>> bzr branch python
> Initialising Subversion metadata cache in C:/Documents and
> Settings/Gustav/Application
> Data/bazaar/2.0\svn-cache\6015fed2-1504-0410-9
> fe1-9d1591cc4771\cache-v3
> bzr: ERROR: libsvn._core.SubversionException: ("REPORT request failed
> on '/projects/!svn/vcc/default'", 175002)

It's a bit unrelated to bzr-svn problem, but if you really want Python trunk
you could get it at launchpad:

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