[Fwd: [ANNOUNCE] bzr-fastimport plugin, yet another Bazaar import option]

Aidan Van Dyk aidan at highrise.ca
Fri Feb 22 14:44:15 GMT 2008

* Pierre Habouzit <madcoder at debian.org> [080201 08:20]:
>   /me opens bigs ears and eyes: does this mean that we have an
> incremental importer of CVS based on git-fast-import ? I mean I'm really
> interested into that, as git-cvsimport is really broken with the glibc
> CVS tree, and as the glibc CVSROOT is rsync-able, an incremental
> importer that has access to the CVSROOT RCS files is probably the most
> efficient way.

In the repository I convert (PostgreSQL), I'm using the ruby
fromcvs/togit converter, which has worked well, because git-cvsimport
doesn't work.

I actually found the problem with the PostgreSQL CVS repository - it is
a TAG, which seems to have some cyclic dependencies which throws cvsps
into a loop.  Unfortuntely, I have neither time nor energy to be able to
look into fixing cvsps, especially since fromcvs "just works" on it.


I don't know what the problem with the glibc CVSROOT, but if it's the
same, that might be something to look at.

Note that fromcvs doesn't import tags (that's probably why it didn't
have any trouble with the PostgreSQL CVS) but that doesn't bother me,
since CVS tags carry none of the authority git tags do, and the git
commit ids provide a stable way to refer to particular commits anyways.


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