[Fwd: [ANNOUNCE] bzr-fastimport plugin, yet another Bazaar import option]

Johannes Schindelin Johannes.Schindelin at gmx.de
Fri Feb 22 10:36:41 GMT 2008


On Fri, 22 Feb 2008, Ian Clatworthy wrote:

> Shawn O. Pearce wrote:
> > Heh.  OOo is _huge_.  I think the best import into Git thus far is 
> > taking up about 1.5G of disk space once fully repacked.  I don't 
> > recall how they did the import, but coming from SVN I think they used 
> > git-svn, which is not based on git-fast-import.
> > 
> > What frontend are you using to go from SVN -> fast-import?
> The pack file in the Git clone I have is 2.4G. I thought that was large 
> but it's quite small compared to the 82G svn dump that creates a 55G svn 
> repo!

The 2.4G have been compressed (loss-lessly ;-) to less than 1.5G.  Unlike 
other SCMs, git has transparent access to the object database, which means 
that we can actually repack _expensively_ for a better compression.

So yes, the Git clone you have _is_ 2.4G, but that size is not the best 
size you _can_ have.


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