bzr-svn core dumps on Linux

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Fri Feb 15 16:40:52 GMT 2008

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Nicholas Allen wrote:
| Hi,
| I installed subversion from trunk and the swig python bindings as well
| as the latest bzr-svn from its trunk branch and the bzr 1.1 package on
| Ubuntu Gutsy. All this took me quite a while to install all the
| dependencies, get the library paths correct etc. Finally I managed to
| get the plugin to list itself when I run "bzr plugins".
| The problem is if I try to branch any subversion repo I get a core dump:
| ~ bzr branch svn://heinz/Ableton/trunk/Projects/WindOs
| Segmentation fault (core dumped)
| That's it - nothing in .bzr.log that indicates why. The
| make check-swig-py
| succeeded as did the installation of svn and the python bindings.
| ~ Could this be a bug in the python bindings in svn trunk, a bug in
| bzr-svn or could something be up with my installation? I don't know
| where to begin to debug this problem. Any help appreciated....
| Cheers,
| Nick

If it is core dumping, then it is likely a problem down at the compiled level.
It is very hard to get pure python to core dump as references are not manually
garbage collected.

So it is either at the SVN level, or in the python bindings around it.

I don't know python-svn so we'll probably have to wait until Jelmer comments.
But there should be some python-svn sanity checking that you could do. Something
that would look like:

python -c "from svn import core, client; pool = core.Pool(); \
ctx = client.create_context(pool); print client.__path__"

That would at least be a starting to see if the bindings can be loaded, etc.

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