[merge] look for plugins in arch-independent site directory (was Re: Bundling more plugins into bzrtools)

Martin Pool mbp at canonical.com
Fri Feb 15 05:34:57 GMT 2008

>  > But
>  > better would be a fairly trivial patch to bzrlib.plugin to
>  > add /usr/lib/pythonX.Y/site-packages/bzrlib/plugins to the default
>  > path.
>  >
> Excellent!  Patch against 1.2rc1 and tested with bzr-1.1 attached.


Please be consistent with the rest of that file and don't use
camelCaps variables.

Will distutils always be available?  istr that it was previously only
available in the python-dev package.  But on Hardy it is in python2.4
and 2.5.

Actually maybe it was just that setup.py often wanted to read
something from python-dev.  Either way, we should check this is true
on other OSs, or guard the import statement.

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