New user with a few questions.

Matt Nordhoff mnordhoff at
Tue Feb 12 10:33:49 GMT 2008

Raindog wrote:
> Thanks for the help, Matt, I think I'll get everything working in a
> desirable fashion by the end of the night.


> You mentioned that you can only branch a full branch atm, is it in the
> pipeline to support branching subdirs or even files in the future?

Ehhh, I don't know. I know it's on the radar, but I don't know if
there's anything concrete yet. You'd really have to ask someone else.

> Secondly, sftp seems to be exceedingly slow. I'd like to try to use hpss
> but I am unable to find any detailed documentation on exactly what needs
> to be done to get it working. I run windows, so if I want constant
> access I believe I should set it up as a service. Is 'bzr serve' the
> smart server?

Yes, "bzr serve" is the smart server.

If you have bzr installed and SSH set up, use "bzr+ssh" as the protocol
in the client instead of "sftp" and Bazaar will ssh in and run the smart
server, with no other setup required. On Windows, I don't know how easy
it is to set up SSH or if there are other problems...

You can also replace anonymous http access with "bzr", which runs on its
own port, or "bzr+http", which uses an HTTP CGI script.

> Thanks.

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