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Alexander Belchenko bialix at ukr.net
Mon Feb 11 23:05:58 GMT 2008

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Martin Pool пишет:
| On 08/02/2008, Monty Taylor <monty at inaugust.com> wrote:
|> Nicholas Allen wrote:
|>> ~  - Integration into windows explorer with all features in TortoiseSVN.
|> We had that requirement from a team who just moved from SVN to BZR...
|> turns out their windows folks tried one of the non-TortoiseSVN like gui
|> tools and liked it better (to his surprise). I can't remember which tool
|> it was (I'll ask) but I would suggest, fwiw, rewording that requirement
|> to "Acceptable GUI Env for Windows devs" ... just like the process is
|> different between a DRCS and an RCS, so perhaps too they might find
|> their choice of tools...
| That would be interesting to hear.
| I talked to someone last week who was interested in working on Windows
| integration, hopefully we will see some code soon.

Um, Martin, can you shed some more lights on this?
I'm playing a bit with TortoiseBZR
code at last weekend and try to change it for using QBzr dialogs and then
investigate the question of building standalone installer. I don't have too
much time, so my progress could be slow. So if someone other also working
on this area, I'd like to know to avoid duplication of efforts.
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