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John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Fri Feb 8 18:57:54 GMT 2008

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Nicholas Allen wrote:
| Monty Taylor wrote:
| | Nicholas Allen wrote:
| |
| |> ~  - Integration into windows explorer with all features in
| |
| | We had that requirement from a team who just moved from SVN to BZR...
| | turns out their windows folks tried one of the non-TortoiseSVN like gui
| | tools and liked it better (to his surprise). I can't remember which tool
| | it was (I'll ask) but I would suggest, fwiw, rewording that requirement
| | to "Acceptable GUI Env for Windows devs" ... just like the process is
| | different between a DRCS and an RCS, so perhaps too they might find
| | their choice of tools...
| |
| You are right - it does not have to be directly integrated into Explorer
| but it would be a nice bonus. As long as it has all the features that
| TortoiseSVN has and is just as easy to use that is the main thing.
| Nick

Well, back in the day I used WinCVS which I greatly preferred to
Tortoise. Probably the biggest reason is because it had a "flat" view.
Which would let me see the changes across all subdirectories, and filter
only changed files.

So rather than seeing:

~  X subdir/
~  X file-1.c
~    file-2.c

I could see:

X directory/subdir/header.h
X directory/file-1.c

Sort of like the view when you actually go to commit.

I'm also more of a "use the keyboard" type of person, rather than
clicking 2/3 layers deep through menus to get something done. Explorer
is decent about keyboard control (Alt+F,W,F to create a new folder).

I will say that I prefer TortoiseSVN to RapidSVN. Especially trying to
work out setting properties (I find svn's lack of truly recursive
ignores to be a huge pain.)

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