tla-like changesets

Stefan Ring sring at
Fri Feb 8 08:39:08 GMT 2008

Aaron Bentley wrote:
>> 2. Non-related repositories -- our current repository has been started
>> during a time when we experimented heavily with bzr, and several large
>> files were added and removed several times, causing the repository to
>> become quite large. We wanted to do a clean cut and restart the
>> repository from scratch by exporting the last revision and importing it
>> into a new repo (there was nothing of interest in the old commit history
>> anyway). Now I happen to have a branch forked back then that I would
>> eventually like to merge into the new repository. I cannot do this with
>> a merge directive because the two are not related. I could quite easily
>> do this with a changeset, though.
> If your file-ids have changed, you could not do that with a tla-style
> changeset.  If your file-ids have not changed, you can do a cherrypick
> merge.

I should have known that before re-importing everything into the new 
repository. It's a bit more of a hassle now but still quite easily 

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