bzr-svn problem: Permission denied: ".": PROPFIND request failed on '/svn/dept/ gt/trunk'

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Fri Feb 8 01:40:19 GMT 2008

Hi Brian,

Am Donnerstag, den 07.02.2008, 19:25 -0600 schrieb Brian de Alwis:
> Hi Jelmer.  If you remember, I was having difficulties trying to usr  
> bzr-svn to access a Subversion repository '' 
> ; I was having difficulties using a MacOSX machine, but managed to get  
> it to work from a NetBSD machine.
> With bzr-svn 0.4.7 and your posting of the instructions to get bzr-svn  
> to work on MacOSX, I thought I'd give it another try.  I followed the  
> instructions to the letter -- and have the same problems!
> You had previous mentioned that you'd probably need network snoop logs  
> to figure this out.  Unfortunately the repository is on HTTPS, so that  
> wouldn't help.  But I discovered that you can set neon-debug-mask in  
> ~/.subversion/servers to cause neon to dump the HTTP headers and bodies.
> With this flag, bzr-svn with Subversion 1.5 (trunk) shows that bzr-svn  
> receives the 401 Authorization Required and does not go further.  When  
> using Subversion 1.5 directly, Subversion retries with the right  
> credentials.
> Do you think the commented out 'providers +=' line in bzr-svn/ 
> is preventing bzr-svn from doing the authentication?   
> (Unfortunately commenting those lines out causes a crash, as alluded  
> to in the building instructions.)
> I also tried using bzr-svn with a patched Subversion 1.4.6: this had  
> the same results as above.  Of course those 'providers +=' lines are  
> only applicable for Subversion >= 1.5.
Turns out this is a Mac OS X related problem. There was somebody on IRC
today who was having the same problem. Subversion itself retrieves the
credentials from the Mac OS X keychain. However, there are no Python
bindings for the particular function in svn that provides support for
retrieving data from the keychain.


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