[MERGE] Change the smart server get_parents method to take a graph search to exclude already recieved parents from. This prevents history shortcuts causing huge numbers of duplicates.

John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Mon Feb 4 18:47:26 GMT 2008

Robert Collins wrote:
> Whee long titles.
> So this patch changes the current bzr.dev-only Repository.get_parents
> smart server method, eliminating duplication and gzipping the content.
> With 100 missing mainline revsions (659 in total to pull) this generates
> the parameters to stream in 8 seconds on a lon-syd pull, in 2 round
> trips.
> Its not optimal; I have some ideas about that but want to get this into
> 1.2 - the optimal stuff will be a bit more of an overhaul of the overall
> fetch process to use branch information to [ideally] provide single
> round trips in a number of common cases (like first branch into a shared
> repo!).
> -Rob

Other than the none/gzip/bzip2 thing:



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