[RFC] mv tweaks

Spencer Chastain sechastain at gmail.com
Tue Jan 29 02:56:19 GMT 2008

I've attached a patch of changes I've made to the mv command.

The gist is when you try to move multiple files into a directory, all moves
are attempted, dups are ignored, errors are cached, and a full report is
printed at the end of what succeeded and what failed.  So given a tree:

- foo
- bar
- baz
- boo
- sub/

where  baz has not been added to tree, running: bzr mv b* f* sub

$ bzr mv b* f* sub/
        bar => sub/bar
        baz => sub/baz
        boo => sub/boo
        foo => sub/foo
Could not move:
        baz : baz is not versioned.
bzr: ERROR: Not moved: [u'baz']

There's a couple of things I know I need to do before I submit it for merge:
- update the NEWS.  And I'm guessing I just document this as a change under
the changes section?
- this would fix the bug I opened last month in launchpad - so how would I
relate that either in my branch and/or during merge request?  I think this
one is documented somewhere, I just can't remember where I read up on it a
while ago.

Anyhow, feedback would be appreciated.


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