Creating branch from a subdirectory of another branch?

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Mon Jan 28 18:14:05 GMT 2008

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I know that bzr-svn supports different repositiory layouts (i.e where it 
expects trunk and branches to be kept). I can't remember how to do this 
and probably a lot has changed since I last tried. I seem to remember 
there was discussion on removing this functionality but not sure. 
Hopefully Jelmer can give you a better idea....


Panagiotis Papadakos wrote:
| Hi!
| Thanks for the reply, but unfortunately this does not seem to help me.
| I get no revisions in the dump for the directory I am searching for
| (don't know why). Also it seems that hg is capable of creating a branch
| from any directory of a subversion repository. I just hope that I could
| do something like this with bzr.
|     Panagiotis Papadakos
| On Sun, 27 Jan 2008, Neil Martinsen-Burrell wrote:
|> Panagiotis Papadakos <papadako <at>> writes:
|>> I am trying to move a project in my university from SVN to bzr. So I 
|>> the bzr-svn plugin, which worked like a charm. But now I am facing 
|>> problem. I would like to create a branch holding only a subdirectory 
of my
|>> initial branch, created from the SVN, without of course loosing 
history. I
|>> could probably use bzr rm and mv, removing uneeded directories, but this
|>> does not seem like a clean way. Is that possible?
|> The way that I accomplished this was to dump my SVN repository and 
then filter
|> it using a script such as
|> or my changed version:
|> Then, I imported thefiltered SVN repository using the bzr-svn 
plugin.  Note that
|> this will sever the historical link to the original versions of files 
that we
|> copied into the subdirectory from outside.  I know of no other 
solution besides
|> using bzr rm and mv on the full branch to prune the HEAD down to the
|> subdirectory you want (which will of course keep the history for all 
other paths
|> in the bzr repository).  Peace,
|> -Neil

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