Creating branch from a subdirectory of another branch?

Neil Martinsen-Burrell nmb at
Sun Jan 27 19:23:29 GMT 2008

Panagiotis Papadakos <papadako <at>> writes:

> I am trying to move a project in my university from SVN to bzr. So I used
> the bzr-svn plugin, which worked like a charm. But now I am facing another
> problem. I would like to create a branch holding only a subdirectory of my 
> initial branch, created from the SVN, without of course loosing history. I 
> could probably use bzr rm and mv, removing uneeded directories, but this 
> does not seem like a clean way. Is that possible?

The way that I accomplished this was to dump my SVN repository and then filter
it using a script such as,, 
or my changed version:

Then, I imported thefiltered SVN repository using the bzr-svn plugin.  Note that
this will sever the historical link to the original versions of files that we
copied into the subdirectory from outside.  I know of no other solution besides
using bzr rm and mv on the full branch to prune the HEAD down to the
subdirectory you want (which will of course keep the history for all other paths
in the bzr repository).  Peace,


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