[BzrTools][Win32] graph-ancestry needs sax.utils

Alexander Belchenko bialix at ukr.net
Thu Jan 24 06:57:22 GMT 2008

Aaron Bentley пишет:
> Paul Moore wrote:
>> Ah. I wonder if I see the problem - the Windows binary installer for
>> bzr is built using py2exe, which only packs up modules that are
>> actually used by [bzr].
> Seems like a bad idea-- other plugins may also use obscure corners of
> the standard library.  Perhaps there's an override for py2exe?

Yeah, and standalone installer does not contains PyGTK and PyQt and Tkinter
libraries and name another one yourself.

For me -- it's bad idea to bundle entire Python standard library.
If some plugins is rely on module/package from std. library and
it does not work with bzr.exe -- you can say me about or file a bug,
and I'll explicitly add such module to setup.py, looking for
'additional_packages' in setup.py sources:

     additional_packages =  []
     if sys.version.startswith('2.4'):
         # adding elementtree package
     elif sys.version.startswith('2.5'):
         import warnings
         warnings.warn('Unknown Python version.\n'
                       'Please check setup.py script for compatibility.')
     # email package from std python library use lazy import,
     # so we need to explicitly add all package

So if you think bzr.exe should contains more packages -- you don't need
even ping me. Just add the line(s):


and next bzr version I'll build will contain what you need.

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