Newbie to this kind of thing - some basic help please

Donn donn.ingle at
Wed Jan 23 06:43:39 GMT 2008

Hi, I sent this to feedback at launchpad but have had no response. I just joined 
this list to see what I can learn here. So here it is again. (with a few 

 I hope this is not a FAQ, I have been reading the various docs.

First off, I am totally new to versioning systems. I have another project on 
LP called 'fontypython' but it has never been used. I thought I'd get to know 
things and I have a tutorial/overview of pyCairo that I am using as a test 
case. It's not actually code, but an SVG file with related images.

Second, I chose a Creative Commons Att NC licence (custom option) which caused 
a message to the effect that I would be 'contacted'. I hope I did not choose 
a bad licence! Anyway, that might be why things are not working.

Third, I am sure I have the wrong conception of what LP is an offers - I hope 
the answers put me right :)

I created a project called "cairoglyphics". I followed the steps to make 
a .bzr directory and all that. I ended-up using push to send a bunch of files 
to the LP hosting. All seems fine.

I now want to provide a tarball of the 'final' product (what you term 
releasing a project, I think) and I used bzr export to make one. I then did 
another push (not knowing any alternatives) and I think it's all on your 

(I actually made one branch, then deleted it and made another.)

If a user were to visit:
and click on 'Code' (because there is no obvious "Click here to download X" 
option) then they get to:
which shows a page that has no code, no links, nada.

If they had clicked 'trunk' on the home page, they'd get to:
which is also pretty much blank. And why joe-user would click 'trunk' is like 
asking an elephant why they'd click 'fingers.'

But, if I go to the URL:
then I see this:
Download URL:
Example:        bzr branch
Upload URL:     
Example:        bzr push 

I must assume this is not for end-users at all. Heck, I don't savvy it. I 
copy/pasted (!) the top link (the download) one and it gest me to a blank 
page that says:
Not Found
The requested URL /00/00/21/be was not found on this server.

So, I am very confused -- I am sure this is all quite sensible but from my pov 
right now it's opaque.

How do I provide a link for users to get the tarball of the pycairo tutorial?

Thanks for reading all of this.
Help! :)


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