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Alexander Belchenko bialix at
Thu Jan 17 20:26:16 GMT 2008

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I have some troubles with understanding conception of file copies.
Or maybe how this conception should work with merging different branches.

Till now bzr does not have such conception, but some users time-to-time ask about support of copies.
Because I never used it I can't be sure that I understand how it should be used.

How merge before and after copy should work? How log and annotation should work for copies?
Some simple examples from another VCS or how people think it should work -- will help me.

IIUC, there is 2 potential use cases: when user want to split file content for 2 files,
and when user need to create another file with almost similar but partially different content.
But in the first case there is no copy, content from one file moved (i.e. cut and paste) to another
file. It's make sense for annotation in tracking content movement, but does it make much sense to
keep history pre-split?
In the second case I'm again not sure about history. Why user want to have history of new file
attributed to similar but different file?

My be I'm just lack of imagination?
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