[rfc] website improvements

Martin Pool mbp at sourcefrog.net
Tue Jan 8 02:05:48 GMT 2008

We talked late last year about some things that could be improved in
the Bazaar web site.  I have started implementing some of them.  The
main things I want to accomplish are:

 * A site that's easier to maintain - at the moment putting up new
releases requires making several edits which at best takes a while,
and at worst may leave some broken links.
 * A better development news section, also available as an RSS feed.
 * Tighter text and better presentation.  Removing the wiki toolbar
bits from the front page.  Making the homepage more concise.
 * Some screenshots of Bazaar UIs.
 * A clearer separation of "wiki-type" content (that may be a draft or
out of date) from the main project pages, which ought to look coherent
and finished.

Some of these points are about content, and some are about mechanism.
Clearly we can edit the homepage text within the wiki.  And we have in
the past, and could now, make an effort to remove or clean up outdated
wiki pages.  But some things, like getting a good user-oriented news
feed, or a news toolbar, do seem difficult to do within Moin.

Therefore I want to move the wiki to wiki.bazaar-vcs.org and have a
main site at bazaar-vcs.org that's generated from templates in a
Bazaar script.  So to either change the text, or to add new items
(releases, plugins, news) people will commit to the branch, which I
expect would be writable by anyone in the Bazaar team on Launchpad.
Andrew Cowie (AfC) advocated this a while ago.

Proposed site contents:

 * download (point to Launchpad download facility)
   * source tarballs
   * platform installers
   * install instructions
 * screenshots (of bzr-gtk, qbzr, olive)
 * documents (include, or link to, generated html and PDF
 * pointer to current code in codeview
 * bzr plugins and related things:
   * "once you've installed bazaar, you might also want..."
   * if you're wondering if Bazaar will work well with
   * not just plugins, but also how to link bzr into other software
 * RSS feeds for releases and the blog
 * something about the goals of the project (on front page)
 * briefly, something about performance
 * testimonials

I'm working in a branch currently up here:


My plan is to first get the current content converted into this new
form more or less as it is, then put that up on a staging site for
others to see.  Then I'll look at making it easier to do a news feed
and announcements just by adding to a data file; then at better text
and visuals.


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