Win32 bzr used from within cygwin: commit to sftp repo freezes

Jari Aalto jari.aalto at
Sat Jan 5 10:14:11 GMT 2008

* Fri 2008-01-04 Bernhard Voelker <list at>
* Message-Id: 477E417F.7030906 at
> Hi bzr,
> I got the windows installation of bzr 1.0.0, and my checkout is bound
> to a sftp:// repository which works great from a DOS box.
> But if I'm trying to commit/revert/etc. from within an xterm in
> cygwin, then bzr freezes. I found out that the ssh of the cygwin
> installation is being used (which works fine from bash without
> password due to authorized_keys2 on the server).
> Can bzr be forced to use the ssh implementation used by the windows
> bzr installation, i.e. the paramiko lib?

Cygwin includes paramiko. Could you see if it works?


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