[bzr-eclipse] new build

Guillermo Gonzalez guillo.gonzo at gmail.com
Fri Jan 4 14:23:30 GMT 2008

I'm pleased to announce a new build of bzr-eclipse plugin.

The changes since 0.0.15 are:

 * fix Bug #178865 and a non-reported bug in the commit dialog (not
executing commit in some edge cases)
 * missing support: a two table view that shows extra/missing
revisions and provides a double-click action maximize each one.
 * fix Bug #161930 modal commit dialog
 * fix Bug #175771 widget disposed error cause by History view
 * fix Bug #172794 quick diff support
 * fix Bug #176184 check in the whole branch and not just the current
selected file. Actually this use the branch/project in the commit, but
only the selected resources are checked by default.
 * fix Bug #176191 Change "Username" field in preference page to "User id/email"
 * support for empty location (which defaults to the parent/pull
branch) in the location input dialogs for missing, pull and push.

For this build bzr-xmloutput >= 0.4 is required, because it fixes a
bug in 'missing --xml'.

For further instructions about dependencies and installation:

while implementing missing a few ideas appeared:
 * add the possibility to see the affected files of a revision (this
also applies to the Log view)
 * add the ability to compare a with the current file from within the
(future) "affected-files view".

For the next features to be implemented there is a draft roadmap:

All your comments and ideas are welcome.



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