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Robert Collins robertc at
Fri Jan 4 02:52:56 GMT 2008

my development format patch failed at pqm because:
 - I hadn't updated the list of formats stuff for the info tests
 - one of the info tests requires that there be only one format
describing a given disk layout

For the former, I don't understand why we have these massive long lists
- e.g. 
   expected = 'development or development-subtree or ' \
              'dirstate or dirstate-tags or pack-0.92 or'\
              ' rich-root or rich-root-pack'

For the latter, I can just remove the current development0 alias, though
that seems less useful than having both the detailed form and the
development current pointer. I'd rather change or remove
bzrlib.tests.test_info.test_describe_tree_format because I don't think
the policy really makes sense.


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