[MERGE] New 'development' format.

Adeodato Simó dato at net.com.org.es
Wed Jan 2 23:04:39 GMT 2008


> +Develoment formats for bzr-svn users
> +------------------------------------
> +
> +If you are using ``bzr-svn`` or are testing the prototype subtree support,
> +you can still use and assist in testing the development formats. The
> +commands to use are identical to the ones given above except that the
> +name of the format to use is ``development-subtree``.
> +
> +**WARNING**: Note that bzr only supports one-way conversion **to** the
> +subtree format ``development-subtree``. Once you are using
> +``development-subtree`` you cannot pull or merge back into a regular
> +format such as ``pack-0.92``, ``development`` etc.
> +
> +The ``development-subtree`` format is required for the bzr-svn
> +plug-in but should otherwise not be used until the subtree feature is
> +complete within bzr.

Is it intentional that you use/recommend -subtree, instead of creating a
development-rich-root? (Maybe you'd rather have -subtree than
-rich-root, or three formats, but I thought I'd bring this up just in


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