BzrVsGit typo & possible edit

Ian Clatworthy ian.clatworthy at
Wed Jan 2 01:41:07 GMT 2008

Mark Fitzgerald wrote:
> Hi all - this is the least disruptive and lowest barrier-to-entry way I
> could find to contribute notification of a few potential typos in your
> BzrVsGit page [].
> I write this in the hope that it will make Bazaar seem even more
> polished to newcomers.

Thanks Mark. Fixed. If there's more we can do to make Bazaar easier for
newcomers to adopt, please let us know.

BTW, you're welcome to register and make changes on the Wiki directly.
Please also feel free to write or blog about Bazaar. The more feedback
we get, the better.

Ian C.

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