[MERGE/HELP!!!] Accelerate build_tree by using working tree files

Aaron Bentley aaron.bentley at utoronto.ca
Wed Dec 19 05:49:38 GMT 2007

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Ian Clatworthy wrote:
> Aaron Bentley wrote:
> I'm in the process of benchmarking 40-50 different bzr operations on
> lots of different code bases right now. Here are the slowest ones from
> my testing so far, together with the time in seconds for FireFox:
> * export (90.1)
> * lightweight checkout (64.4)
> * checkout (64.1)
> * branch (63.9)
> * initial commit (49.1).

I'd be interested to hear how this version does.

> All tests are running in a local shared with-trees repo. The first and
> last of these are no problem because they are infrequently done. The
> middle 3 are more interesting to most people and your patch sounds very
> promising.

I also have a patch to do hard links, but that doesn't seem to be much
of a win:
Old (Best of 3)
real    0m1.365s
user    0m1.112s
sys     0m0.236s

New (Best of 3)
real    0m1.259s
user    0m1.052s
sys     0m0.176s

A mere 1.08x the speed!

I've attached the hard-links patch-- it may be more of a win on large
trees.  (It depends on the previous bundle)

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