Bazaar is ignored in some places?

Alexander Belchenko bialix at
Thu Dec 13 09:13:16 GMT 2007

Nils Ackermann пишет:
> David Clymer <david at> writes:
>> I emailed the author recently, suggesting an update and explaining that
>> it wasn't just an arch fork anymore, and was referred here:
>> So, if anyone wants to be a "champion"...
> Based on the feedback from the list I filled out the questionnaire,
> see below.  I'll wait two days for comments before submitting to
> Please check 1(f,g), 2(c), 3(c-e), 4(a,b); there were some discussions
> about these, and I'm not an expert, just a casual user of Bazaar.

 > ** (e) Portability
 > How portable is the version-control system to various operating
 > systems,
 > computer architectures, and other types of systems?
 > Answer:
 > Works on Windows, Linux, OS X, FreeBSD and basically on any system
 > that has a recent Python port.

^-- That's part is great.

v-- But please, exclude this.

 > Does not work well on case insensitive
 > file systems.  Needs native file system support for symlinks if it is
 > to track symlinks.

<-- Because:

When you wrote "Does not work well on case insensitive file systems" -- 
it's just half of true. I am working on case insensitive filesystem 
*every* day. And it works *well*. There is some rough edges but they 
easily avoided. So your statement is misleading for such comparison.

This part: "Needs native file system support for symlinks if it is to
track symlinks" is also half of true. There is special plugin 
win32symlinks that allow symlinks versionning on win32. And it works. 
If you talk about webdav support via plugins, then why not talk about 
symlinks support via plugin?

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