Merging a bundle w/ a pack repository is slow

Martin Pool mbp at
Fri Nov 30 03:36:22 GMT 2007

> > The less obvious regression are, the harder it is to find them. Our
> > users right now are telling use where they are. This is a good thing.
> We could do the same thing with:
> def get_ancestry(self):
>   trace.warning('get_ancestry() called, this function is known to'
>                 ' perform poorly, please report this to bazaar at ...')
> For each place that I would add a buffer_all() call, we *know* that they are
> - -Devil. I don't need a user to report a performance regression to tell me that.
> We have '-Devil' precisely so that developers can figure out what commands are
> using poorly scaling functions.
> I *don't* think we need to abuse our users who are willing to experiment with a
> new format. It is fine for functions we don't know yet. But once we know that
> function foo() is being naughty, if we can make a quick fix, and mark it as
> something to work on, then we have a nice worklist of things to do, and we have
> users which can remain blissfully unaware until "wow this is even faster, great!".

I really agree with John about this.  Getting users to report things
once is great.  But once we know about a bug, having people keep
suffering it is a bit pointless.

If you want it to be visible, I'd rather do something like the log
warning john mentions, or adding a known-failure test mentioning the

I'm going to use a casting vote here and say we'll merge this.


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