Bazaar 0.91 released

David Cournapeau david at
Wed Sep 26 06:13:17 BST 2007

Martin Pool wrote:
> I'm happy to announce the release of Bazaar 0.91.  This is primarily a
> bugfix release, and also includes some performance enhancements and new
> features.  
> The python source code is now available from 
> Binary packages and installers should be available soon.
> Thanks to everyone who contributed code, bug reports, and suggestions.
There is a small typo in the news part of the website, I think:

0.90 Candidate
    40+ changes including numerous bug fixes, faster push, merge,
    update, new default format, tags on by default, better plugin


This should read 0.91 released, no ? (this is the news from today, at 
the link



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